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Discarded Cell Phones

ERecyclingCorps To Grow Phone Trade-In Biz

Rather than asking for consumers to take extra steps, eRecyclingCorps designed a buyback business model for people to trade in their old cellphones right where and when they buy their new ones – at their carrier’s retail stores. The three-year-old… Read More
Self Healing Electronics

Self-Healing Electronics Could Cut E-Waste Down

With the amount of e-waste reaching astonishing heights, the possibility of self-healing electronics is too good to not explore. Instead of tossing the entire device because of one broken circuit, what if there was a way to fix it? With… Read More

San Jose E-Waste Upgraded To Artwork

It seems only fitting that the San Jose Museum of Art – a cultural institution situated in the heart of California‘s Silicon Valley – would pay an artistic tribute to the computer. Its latest exhibition, “Beta Space: Anna Sew Hoy,”… Read More

Got E-waste? California Schools Want It

Got old computer parts, VCRs or other unused electronics lying around the house you’d like to get rid of? If you live in California, safely disposing of your e-waste could be as easy as visiting a local school. As part… Read More

E-Waste A Major Health Hazard In Ghana

The improper disposal of e-waste -cell phones, computers and other electronics – from North America and Europe, can result in life-threatening pollutants for Africans. Recent tests of an e-waste site in near Ghana’s capital, Accra found 50 times higher toxic … Read More

E-Waste Campaign A Trashy Success For Teens

DoSomething.Org encouraged teens across the country not to be trashy, by recycling old and used electronics. They’ve not only listened, they’ve delivered. Teenagers across the U.S. helped recycled more than 59,000 pieces of e-waste as part of the campaign. The… Read More

EPEAT Talks 5 Years Of Greening Computers

For the last five years a rating system called the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) has been working to help consumers and manufacturers better understand the overall impact products have on the ecosystem based on a variety of different… Read More