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Is Going Paperless A Google Greenwashing Scam?

The paper industry is peeved at Google right now. An industry organization called “Two Sides” recently published a scathing open letter to the technology giant accusing it of scamming the American people by encouraging them to use less paper in… Read More

New Website Pays Cash To Recycle Your Vacuum

We’ve all seen the advertisements begging us to recycle our used smartphones for cash. There are a plethora of electronics buyback companies vying for our attention, and though you have to do your homework, most of them are indeed keeping… Read More

ecoATM Dispenses Instant Cash for Your Old iPhone

The debut of the iPhone 5 seems to have dredged up all sorts of commentary on e-waste and our obsession with the latest and greatest gadgets. While those in the electronics recycling business rejoice that millions of unwanted phones will… Read More