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Houston Recycles, Whether Residents Like It Or Not

After reducing and reusing, recycling is the simplest way to divert valuable waste from the landfill. In cities with curbside recycling programs, this is as easy as tossing plastic, aluminum, and paper into a separate bin and setting it by… Read More
electronic waste recycling

Colorado Mandates Electronics Recycling, Boosts Jobs

Electronic waste, the result of our obsession with the latest and greatest gadgets, is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Unfortunately, these appliances contain hazardous materials, in addition to several that are quite valuable, so tossing them in… Read More
EPEAT, printer, scanner, copier, office equipment

EPEAT Expands To Include Printers And Copiers

For over six years the EPEAT registry has helped businesses, organizations, and government agencies select greener PCs and monitors. The worldwide green product rating system evaluates products on a lifecycle basis, addressing the elimination of toxic substances, the use of… Read More
Green America, People & Planet Awards

Your Vote Helps A Green Small Business Win $5K!

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and that that make a point to operate in an environmentally-friendly manner are that much more essential. Headlines and accolades usually go to big corporations making the big bucks, but Green America… Read More

ecoATM Recycling Kiosks Now Accepting Tablets

The electronic waste problem is growing much, much faster than we can keep up with it. Every day, thousands of gadgets containing reusable components and hazardous materials head to the landfill. Worse yet, many of them are simply shipped to… Read More
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Jamaican Mud Bursting With Rare-Earth Elements

Unless you’re playing volleyball or making outdoor pies, mud isn’t a very exciting substance. This mixture of dirt and water might rejuvenate your skin, but it’s not usually the stuff of international headlines. Unless, of course, there’s something more than… Read More