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Electrolux Vacuum Gives New Life To Old Car Parts

If you already think vacuuming sucks, consider the amount of carbon emissions generated by your least favorite activity. Would a spanky new green vacuum cleaner help? We think it might. The new Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green Vacuum Cleaner claims not… Read More

E-Waste Recycling: Countering The Dark Side of Xmas

Everybody loves getting spanky new gizmos for Christmas, of course, but there’s a dark side of that holiday techno-philia: e-waste. When old, outdated electronics go out with the trash, US landfills get clogged with recyclable materials that leach hazardous metals … Read More

Gadget Charger Juices Devices Eco-Friendly Style

Here at EarthTechling, we love green gadget chargers, solar especially. But the Green Gadget Charging Station made us stop and think. Is it solar? No. Is it hand-cranked or pedal-powered? No. Then why is it green? Because A) it charges… Read More

Researchers Recommend Policy Solutions to E-Waste Problem

Surprise, surprise: numerous studies indicate that electronic devices could create significant environmental and health problems after they are thrown away. Now, researchers at UC Irvine are working to create solutions to the e-waste problem by working with engineers, manufacturers and… Read More