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Bloom Laptop

Bloom Laptop Design Very Easy To Recycle

A class of Stanford University graduate students recently created a prototype of a computer laptop which can much more easily be broken down for recycling than notebook computers on the market today. The Bloom laptop, as it is called, earned… Read More
Kingston Memory

Easy Recycling Of Computer Memory?

For those who are comfortable swapping out computer parts after popping open the computer’s case, it is not always known what to do with the parts you’ve removed after the upgrade. E-waste recycling is always an option, but what can… Read More
Lowe's Recycling Center

Lowe’s Lets You Recycle Cellphones, CFLs

Looking for a responsible way to recycle rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CFLs and plastic shopping bags? If 1-800-Recycling and EcoSquid are too much trouble, just head on down to your local Lowe’s, as the mega-retailer recently announced the launch of … Read More

Android App Is Your New Recycling Friend

There are a number of good nationwide directories out there that make it easier to recycle non-curbside items. One of them–1-800-Recycling.com–now wants to make recycling even easier with a mobile app for Android phone owners. Billed as “the first fully… Read More

E-Waste Recycling In China Not Green

Feel good about all that e-waste recycling you’ve been doing? Unfortunately, the majority of our e-waste is currently being shipped to China for recycling where, according to Oregon State University, the low-tech recycling practices are exposing serious health threats to… Read More

GAO Finds EPA E-Waste Efforts Need Work

E-cycling is no longer a state by state issue, but rather a global one. Concerned about the “patchwork of state requirements” cobbled together over the years by different states trying to do right by the environment while minimizing our exposure… Read More