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Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus

GoalZero’s Guide 10 Plus Is All-In-One Solar Charging Kit

Solar chargers. Solar battery packs. Solar generators. If you’re striving for total off-grid independence, the options can be overwhelming. Well, GoalZero wants to make running on clean energy easier, not more complicated. That’s why they’ve released the Guide 10 Plus, … Read More
Wood Battery Graph

Tree-Power? Scientists Test Battery Made Of Wood

Get ready to throw all of your assumptions about how to make a battery right out the window. Scientists at the University of Maryland are working on a powerful new battery that could help reduce hazardous waste usually associated with… Read More
Hemp Fiber Graphene

Hemp Waste Could Yield Super-Cheap Graphene

Graphene has the potential to revolutionize nearly every energy-generating technology on the planet, from batteries to solar panels. It’s lighter and stronger than almost any other material on the planet. Here’s the problem: graphene is still extremely expensive to make,… Read More