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solana generating station

Nighttime Solar Power Arriving In United States

An era of nighttime solar power is dawning in the U.S. Arizona Public Service says plant developer Abengoa is now testing the Solana Generating Station, a massive solar thermal power plant that will be the first in the country to… Read More

A Command Room View Of Clean Energy In Arizona

In a room tucked away at APS headquarters downtown Phoenix, Arizona two employees spend their workdays watching large screens and computer monitors showing the status of renewable energy plants across Arizona. On this morning, one of the plants represented on… Read More
solana generating station

Arizona Utility Picks Up Solar Installation Pace

If solar power is going to be big in the United States, it better be big in sun-drenched Arizona. And it’s getting there. The state’s largest electricity utility, Arizona Public Service, said last week that it added a record 148… Read More
lotus mobile solar power

Mobile Solar Power Blossoms In Arizona

In the aftermath of Sandy, mobile solar power – both on a fairly big scale and the cell-phone charging level – came to the rescue of some powerless residents. Now an Arizona company is promoting a pretty and pretty spectacular… Read More
mesquite solar 1

Big AZ Solar Online, Another Loan Program Win

Every big power plant running on renewable energy doesn’t deserve a story when it comes online, not these days; there are too many. But Mesquite Solar 1, a 150-megawatt photovoltaic solar array 40 miles west of Phoenix, gets special treatment… Read More
UMB Scottsdale Glass 1

Smart Glass Windows At Bank Tame Arizona Glare

In the furnace-like conditions of the desert Southwest, window glass is asked to withstand wicked temperature extremes, such as the 70 degrees F of an air-conditioned office versus the 115 degree F summer heat on the other side. The designers… Read More