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Verizon Investing $13.8M in New Solar Projects

Building upon the successful launch of its on-site green energy program in 2013, Verizon this year is investing more than $13 million to expand the program at three company locations across New Jersey. This year, Verizon will install 3.5 megawatts… Read More
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New York Set To Become Solar Power Player

There’s been a lot of excitement about the bright future of New York’s NY-Sun solar program after a bunch of major developments last week, including the governor’s exciting State of the State speech; an important petition that the New York… Read More
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New York State Antes Up For Clean Energy Future

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announcedUS$210 million in funding for the NY Green Bank, which was launched to drive clean energy deployment in order to build a more resilient state and create jobs. The Green Bank will work… Read More

New York Solar Energy Lining Up

Owens Corning, the Fortune 500 buildings materials company, is probably best known for its pink fiberglass insulation. Now it’s got another claim to fame: the company’s Bethlehem, New York manufacturing plant, already the winner of a New York State Governor’s… Read More
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New York Putting $1 Billion Towards Clean Energy

New York State’s Governor Cuomo has launched a U$1 billion Green Bank initiative to mobilize private sector financing for clean energy projects, which will help generate jobs and boost the state’s economy. The first step of the initiative was launched… Read More