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Cleveland MOCA 1

Minimalist Cleveland Museum Seeks LEED Silver

The sleek new building for the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), which opened to the public in October, brings not only a new modernist icon of culture to the city, but also environmental stewardship with a host of energy… Read More
UMB Scottsdale Glass 1

Smart Glass Windows At Bank Tame Arizona Glare

In the furnace-like conditions of the desert Southwest, window glass is asked to withstand wicked temperature extremes, such as the 70 degrees F of an air-conditioned office versus the 115 degree F summer heat on the other side. The designers… Read More
HGTV House 1

S.C. HGTV Dream Home Earns LEED Platinum Rating

Winning a 3,000-square-foot, three-story home in a lush coastal-resort would be a truly grand prize for just about anyone. What makes this house a dream come true, however, is its LEED Platinum certification and the long list of environmental features… Read More