Solar Power

Voltaic Talks All Things Solar Bags

One of the most common things seen today in calling a gadget green is to slap solar panels on it. All manner of cheap designs have some sort of panel installed to harness solar power, not always efficiently, as a… Read More

Fourth Major California Solar Plant A Go

The California solar power gold rush continued unhindered this week as the state’s Energy Commission unanimously voted in its fourth large scale solar thermal plant in as many weeks, as it heads towards a goal of nine plants approved before… Read More

A California Solar Power Gold Rush?

The recent uptick in large scale solar power plants being approved in California is not something one can easily miss. The Golden State is apparently having a gold rush of sorts around this form of renewable power, with a stated… Read More
Voltaic Converter

Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack Review

Summary: The Voltaic Converter solar charger backpack takes a solid swipe at off-grid charging of your portable devices while you are on the go. Rating: 4 out of 5 Introduction: There are no qualms about it – we live in… Read More