Solar Power

Revere Solar

National Grid Is New England Solar King

Sometimes it is small scale solar facilities which can add up to make a renewable energy company a major player in its region of the world. Such is the case of National Grid, which recently debuted three new Massachusetts solar… Read More
Tim Young - HyperSolar

HyperSolar On Upping Solar Cell Output

Solar cells are notoriously expensive to produce–and though they generate renewable energy, they can also be pretty hard on the earth in terms of the natural resources required to produce them. Concentrated solar power seeks to address both issues by… Read More
U.S. Partnership

Clean Energy Grants Get Another Year

Bravo, and whew! That’s the general reaction of the renewable-energy industry and its advocates as the year winds down, thanks to Congress including the 1603 Treasury Grant Program in the big tax package that President Obama signed into law. The… Read More

Solar Power And Solar Energy Demystified

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greeks and Romans used mirrors to concentrate the sun’s energy and light torches for their religious ceremonies. And even the photovoltaic effect — a means to convert light into electricity that remains a key… Read More