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Wanted For Power Production: Bad Swimmers

That dude with the hideous, unhinged butterfly stroke that sends whitecaps across the lap pool? You might hate it when he’s in the lane next to you, but he’s our guy. He’s the big energy producer in the Yinger Jin… Read More

To Kick-Start Wave Energy, US Plans Prize

Could this be what wave energy needs? The U.S. Department of Energy is planning to hold a competition for a “National Wave Energy Converter Prize.” What shape the contest will take remains undecided, and it’s even possible the idea could… Read More
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Wave Power Wannabe Seeks To Co-opt Oil Rigs

Talk about your energy jujitsu: An Australian wave power wannabe thinks that attaching its technology to oil rigs might be the best path to deployment. AquaGen Technologies has been around for several years with a wave energy concept called SureDrive.… Read More

Underwater Kite Catches Irish Tides For Power

We’ve seen an underwater sails concept gain a little conceptual traction, so why not underwater kites as a marine energy source? A Swedish company says it’s making it happen, in waters off Northern Ireland, right now. Minesto, a 2007 startup,… Read More
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Tidal Power Vet ORPC Joins Alaska Wave Project

The rough waters of wave energy aren’t just the ones out in the ocean: All indications are that every project in the nascent sector is an engineering, regulatory and management challenge of immense proportions (witness Ocean Power Technologies’ wayward Oregon… Read More