deep green

Underwater Kite Energy Device Gets Boost

The U.K. is putting fresh funding behind Deep Green, one of the most fascinating of the long parade of ocean-energy projects to come along. The Department of Energy and Climate Change awarded Minesto and its partners £500,000 ($835,000) to advance… Read More

How One Island Is Using A Hybrid Hydro-Wind System

Islands confront some of the most difficult energy challenges. Their size and remoteness means they pay extremely high energy costs for often unreliable and dirty energy. Yet many islands are blessed with large amounts of sun, wind, and water, making… Read More

Ocean Energy Gets A Crowdfunding Site Of Its Own

They talk about the “valley of death” that technology startups face. Maybe for ocean energy it ought to be called the Mariana Trench of death. It’s deep, with precious little funding floating around to help a new wave or advanced… Read More
wave energy carpet uc berkeley

Wave Energy Carpet Needs Help To Roll Out

A wave power converter inspired by the way muddy seabeds dampen surface waves – taking up their energy – is turning to crowdsourcing as researchers attempt to move their concept from the laboratory to ocean waters. The project, out of… Read More
verdant power turbines

Hydro Power Footprint Shrinks, Possibilities Stay Big

Generating loads of electricity from moving water might soon shift away from the province of behemoth structures like Washington’s Grand Coulee and China’s Three Gorges dams. Over the last few years, researchers and industry have been chalking up successes developing… Read More