Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Would You Lease a Hydrogen Car?

Riversimple has a production prototype for a mass-marketable hydrogen-powered car, and an unconventional plan for how people will use it. The company is hoping to have the vehicles come to market by 2018, but real-world prototype testing is already underway… Read More
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Walmart Leads U.S. In On-site Energy Production

Walmart has a long way to go before it realizes the full power-producing potential of is vast roof space, but the company has been chipping away at it: In the latest figures from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power… Read More

Taking Tuk Tuks To The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Level

What’s dubbed the world’s first affordable hydrogen fuel cell mass transport vehicle is set to be unveiled in concept form this week at an auto show in India. The design, created as a result of a partnership between a university… Read More

Fuel Cell Vehicles Holding Up Well In Cold Weather

What’s the performance like for fuel cell vehicles in adverse cold weather conditions? A couple of operators of fleets of Toyota fuel cell SUVs found out recently via the record cold spells that have been hitting the East Coast, particularly… Read More
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Scientists Inch Toward Sunlight-To-Fuel Goal

As work to make solar power more efficient and affordable proceeds – important work that can boost solar’s share of the electricity we consume – some scientists are off on an entirely different research path. This is the effort to… Read More

Fuel Cell Vehicle From Toyota Set For 2015

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is known typically for showcasing the latest in gadgets and gizmos. In addition this go around however we are also seeing a number of alternative vehicle announcements. Ford is showcasing a solar… Read More
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Wind Power Makes Fuel For German Gas Grid

For the first time on an industrial scale, hydrogen produced using wind power is being injected into the natural gas grid in Germany. It’s a development that could enhance the value of wind power by making it useful no matter… Read More
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Navy Sees Fuel Cells Ready For Front Lines

Fuel cells are not a renewable energy source, of course, although they can be tied to renewable energy. But even using fossil fuels their ability to produce electricity through an electrochemical process – instead of combustion – can make them… Read More

DOE Drives Hydrogen Car Fueling Push

There are just 5,800 publicly available EV charging stations in the United States and people say that’s a roadblock to selling more electric vehicles. So imagine the challenge for fuel-cell vehicles: In the whole country, there are just 76 fueling… Read More

Hydrogen From Plants Touted As Game Changer

Suddenly, hydrogen is happening. Just a week after Canadian researchers said they had developed catalysts that would vastly increase the viability of hydrogen production by electrolysis – perhaps unlocking new renewable energy storage possibilities – a Virginia Tech researcher team… Read More

Hydrogen Made Cheap, Calgary Duo Claims

There are many challenges to achieving the dreamed-about hydrogen economy, but one of them – the ability to make hydrogen from water cheaply and at scale – could be a little closer to being overcome. If it indeed is, renewable… Read More
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How Natural Gas Pipelines Could Boost Hydrogen

A new report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy on blending hydrogen into natural gas pipelines – an idea being explored in Germany – suggests it could be a worthwhile strategy to pursue, both now to help take advantage… Read More