Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Would You Lease a Hydrogen Car?

Riversimple has a production prototype for a mass-marketable hydrogen-powered car, and an unconventional plan for how people will use it. The company is hoping to have the vehicles come to market by 2018, but real-world prototype testing is already underway… Read More
port fuel cell

Fuel Cell Barge Readied For Clean Port Power Duty

Various new energy technologies – from rooftop solar power to electrified, trolley-like trucks – are being deployed or explored in a quest to clean up ports, which can be pretty gnarly operations thanks to diesel emissions. Now comes a demonstration… Read More
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Walmart Leads U.S. In On-site Energy Production

Walmart has a long way to go before it realizes the full power-producing potential of is vast roof space, but the company has been chipping away at it: In the latest figures from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power… Read More

Taking Tuk Tuks To The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Level

What’s dubbed the world’s first affordable hydrogen fuel cell mass transport vehicle is set to be unveiled in concept form this week at an auto show in India. The design, created as a result of a partnership between a university… Read More

Fuel Cell Vehicles Holding Up Well In Cold Weather

What’s the performance like for fuel cell vehicles in adverse cold weather conditions? A couple of operators of fleets of Toyota fuel cell SUVs found out recently via the record cold spells that have been hitting the East Coast, particularly… Read More

Answers To Some Fuel Cell Questions

I [recently] joined a panel of experts for a live discussion about fuel cells, covering everything you needed to know about this clean energy technology. We asked you to submit questions in advance and during the event, and we received… Read More
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Scientists Inch Toward Sunlight-To-Fuel Goal

As work to make solar power more efficient and affordable proceeds – important work that can boost solar’s share of the electricity we consume – some scientists are off on an entirely different research path. This is the effort to… Read More

Fuel Cell Vehicle From Toyota Set For 2015

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is known typically for showcasing the latest in gadgets and gizmos. In addition this go around however we are also seeing a number of alternative vehicle announcements. Ford is showcasing a solar… Read More
GE Fuel Cell Bus

Hydrogen Fuel Becomes More A Reality

French scientists have discovered a swift and easy way to make hydrogen, the raw material of a whole universe and a clean source of energy for fuel cell transport. The catch is that it may be a few decades before… Read More

Using Fuel Cells To Help Deliver French Mail

One reason range extended electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt are relatively popular is they make use of an internal generator to help let you drive further. The challenge is these extenders are usually gasoline powered, using fossil fuels… Read More

Fuel Cell Bus Comes Online In Netherlands

The world of hydrogen fueling stations and vehicles which make use of them expanded slightly recently courtesy of a new installation in the Netherlands. Besides servicing new prototypes of hydrogen buses, the location at the AutomotiveCampusNL in Helmond will be… Read More
stationary fuel cells

Stationary Fuel Cell Energy: Not Standing Still

Two billion kilowatt-hours. Is that a lot of electricity? FuelCell Energy, a maker of fuel-cell power plants, thinks it is. The company began installing Direct FuelCell stationary power plants in 2003. Today there are more than 110 operating around the… Read More

Honda Showcases New Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept

Hyundai and Honda are slightly divergent of one another at this point with regards to fuel cell vehicles. Both were at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show to showcase their most recent offerings in this upcoming car segment, but whereas… Read More