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Solar In A Box Bringing Solar To Big Box Retailers

Solar in a Box is the pre-mounted, pre-wired, grounded, all-AC solar electric system that’s been gaining traction recently through retailers like Sam’s Club. Developed by Ready Solar of San Mateo, California, it looks like one of the products that could… Read More

New LG Computer Display Gets High Green Marks

LG Electronics, currently embroiled in a dispute with the Department of Energy over reported Energy Star-related issues with some refrigerators, is plowing ahead on other green tech fronts as the Consumer Electronics Show rolls into Vegas this week. It announced… Read More

BigBelly Solar Trash Compactor Munches Carbon Emissions

When it’s time to talk trash, there’s hardly ever any good news. Overflowing landfills, hazardous materials leaching into our groundwater–the list goes on and on. Now, there’s some happy talk when it comes to garbage: the BigBelly Solar Compactor. The… Read More

Is 2010 Finally The Year of The EV?

The electric vehicle boom is building up steam, with hundreds of thousands of EVs slated to take to the world’s roadways within the next five years.  According to a new white paper from Pike Research, a market research and consulting… Read More