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Konarka Announces Solar Curtain Wall Pilot Project

Solar electricity-generating windows and walls may seem space-age, but a pilot project partnership between Konarka Technologies, Inc. and Arch Aluminum & Glass Company may be leading the way towards making this application a reality in the near future. Konarka Technologies,… Read More

NEC Unveils Eco-Friendly LCD175M Desktop Monitor

Part of the growing trend towards more eco-friendly desktop monitors, NEC Display Solutions has announced an eco-friendly addition to their MultiSync series.  According to NEC, the energy-efficient 17-inch LCD175M monitor, intended for use in business and educational environments, uses 42%… Read More

New 27-Foot Nimbus Electric Cabin Cruiser Debuts

Boat builder Nimbus, based in Sweden, is laying claim to being the first to offer an electrically powered boat for the commercial market. While we can’t verify this claim, we can say the maker’s new Nimbus 27 E-power 27-foot long… Read More

ClearLite Launches “A Safer CFL”

The energy-efficiency and long life of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) have made them increasingly popular in recent years. But CFLs have one component that’s not as popular: mercury, which can be released from CFLs when they break. A new product… Read More

New Utah Wind Farm One of Largest in the West

Wind farms, despite some controversies around potential bird deaths due to impacts and visual distractions in select pristine landscapes, are considered by many to be heralds of the future for clean energy. These large scale turbine establishments have been springing… Read More

Power Socket Switch Fights Vampire Power Manually

Everybody seems to have a solution for consumers on “vampire power,” which is the power that leaks from consumer electronics and other devices plugged in but turned off at the device. Generally, electronics are only 100 percent powered down if… Read More