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New Alarm Clock from Bedol Powered by Water

Solar technology is normally something one might consider as an alternative form of energy for devices like clocks, but what about water instead? Water powered clocks aren’t big in popularity, but they still make for interesting gift ideas for green… Read More

EcoFactor Offers Intelligent Smart Grid Product

Another of the players on the consumer-end side of the growing smart grid market said today its personalized residential energy management solution is now available for utilities to install in customers’ homes. EcoFactor, a start up in the Silicon Valley,… Read More

GE Showcases Extremely Energy Efficient Water Heater

GE is currently at work on a number of in-home, energy efficient products which will do their jobs at least as well as their less energy-efficient counterparts while reportedly offering the additional eco-benefits new technologies seem to be bringing these… Read More

iRev Donut Boat Lets You Party Green Style

We know the season for BBQs and such has pretty much wrapped up, but it is never too late to start thinking about your grilling and partying plans for 2010. One of the more interesting items we are seeing which… Read More