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Boardy USB Stick Sports Recycled Paper Body

USB flash drives are typically not an eco-friendly category of technology, between the plastics used in the casing and the parts on the inside. A couple of companies in the Netherlands think they have a work around for this, co-developing… Read More

MIT Announces 2010 Clean Energy Prize Deadline

Budding green energy innovators with a big picture business vision now have a deadline: February 25th, 2010. That’s the date applications will be due for this year’s MIT Clean Energy Prize (MIT CEP), which will award a $200,000 grand prize… Read More

Large-Screen Plasma TVs Boast Energy Efficiency

Bigger is not always bigger, especially when it comes to going green. But the Hummer of televisions–a.k.a., the large-screen plasma TV–may also be the greenest option when it comes to your home entertainment options this holiday season. According to the… Read More

2009 Green Electronics Holiday Shopping Guide

Green technology pickings this year as a gift for someone wanting cool gear and eco-friendly features are looking really great. Manufacturers large and small, paying attention to growing consumer demand for these types of products, are turning out green-focused devices… Read More