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Solis Energy Solar Charger Powers Your Deer Camp

Among the many new devices designed to provide solar-powered juice for electronic gadgets and gizmos, the Power HotSpot from Solis Energy may be one you want at deer camp (or any other extreme outdoor environment.) Designed for outdoor use and… Read More

Dancepants Utilize Kinetic Energy to Power MP3s

Anyone who has ever been disappointed by the experience of running out of battery for their MP3 player while jogging, take note: in the future, your only option may be disappointment with yourself. A new green design concept shortlisted for… Read More

Laptop Stands Made of Bamboo Draw Pandas

Laptop stands, such as the one hosting the laptop this story is being written on, aren’t exactly eco-friendly in terms of the plastics they are made from. Macally, a computer accessories manufacturer, has released what it thinks is a more… Read More