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Flashlight With 20 Year Battery Life Wins CES Award

The upcoming and annual Consumer Electronics Show highlights a little in advance products it feels showcase top tier engineering and potential user value. These special consumer electronics are named “Design and Engineering Awards Honorees” and get extra promotion at CES… Read More

Wheego Debuts Whip Electric Car in Dealers

Wheego, one of the many electric car manufacturers striving to get their no-emissions electric vehicle into the hands of consumers, recently announced a sort of “dealer network” of locations around the United States in which to sell its first product.… Read More

Porsche Boxster Gets Aftermarket EV Conversion

Converting gas-powered cars to electric vehicles in aftermarket settings is certainly nothing new – it is done both my hobbyists for fun and entrepreneurs looking to make some extra cash. Typical conversions see older, less expensive cars going electric, but… Read More

Greener Gadgets Competition Open for New Ideas

Green gadgets, as we’ve probably mentioned before, come in all shapes and sizes and from well known companies as well as tiny one person operations. Getting a clear way to market these products so consumers and retailers know they exist… Read More