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iPetals Design Adds Beauty to Solar Phone Charging

Among the many new designs for solar gadget chargers, the iPetals concept design by Tokyo-based web/graphic/industrial designer Mac Funamizu of Tokyo may be the most beautiful. It’s a solar charger that fans out to form a solar “flower” composed of… Read More

Ecobee Smart Thermostat iPhone App Released

Conserving energy at home? There’s an app for that. Ecobee has recently announced the release of a new smartphone application for their Smart Thermostat that will allow users to adjust their heating and cooling from anywhere in the house or… Read More

California Votes in Higher TV Energy Standards

Back in September we reported to you about how the California Energy Commission (CEC) was considering new regulations which would require television manufacturers selling TVs in the Golden State to make them much more energy efficient. It seemed a foregone… Read More