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SkySpark Breaks World Record for Eco-Flight

An Italian team has set a new record for emissions-free flight with their completely electric, strangely quiet plane, the SkySpark. The record-attempt on June 12 of 2009 was part of the World Air Games in Turin, with the record homologated… Read More

Americans Pass On Energy Efficient Home Improvement

Given $10K for home improvement, what would you do? A new survey by the Shelton Group indicates that for most Americans, the recession has put energy efficiency on the backburner. Of the 504 Americans polled by the organization’s fifth annual… Read More

New AC Unit Offers Cool Tips for Energy Efficiency

For those who’d like to go green but aren’t ready to kick the AC habit, a new product from Mitsubishi is here to help: the ZW Series of air conditioners comes equipped with a suggestion function called “Notification Navigation” that… Read More

First Ever Saltwater Meets Freshwater Power Plant Opens

An unexploited technology with the potential to provide 50% of the electricity used in the European Union every year? That’s osmotic power–the energy generated when saltwater and freshwater are mixed. Today in Norway, a company called Statkraft is unveiling the… Read More