Green Living


Amsterdam Could Get H20 Powered Hotel

In the future, while visiting Amsterdam, you may have the option to stay at a water-powered hotel along the Amstel River, provided you’ve got the cash. Welcome to the H20tel, a sustainable luxury hotel developed by RAU and Powerhouse Company,… Read More

Travelocity Launches Green Vacation Planner

Looking for a good, green vacation? Travelocity recently announced that it has embraced the green lifestyle (and that attractive LOHAS market segment) with the launch of a sustainable travel microsite within its main website, as part of its Travel for… Read More

Horizon Air Continues Adding Greener Regional Jets

Airlines, normally huge users of fossil fuels and non energy-efficient equipment, are slowly transitioning towards greener planes which still get their passengers to their destinations on time. One of the best examples of this right now is probably Horizon Air,… Read More