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green house project

Sustaining Seniors With The Green House Project

Here we’re talking about “green houses” of a different sort. Not ones that meet energy and materials standards (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but ones that meet sustainable human living standards for the elderly. This is the Green… Read More

Net-Zero Duplex Makes A Concrete Statement

When they started the project, a solidly sustainable dwelling was the goal. Then the builders of a Habitat for Humanity duplex in Edmonton, Alberta, realized they had a shot at net zero – so they went for it. And here’s… Read More
tiny house movie

‘Tiny’: The House, The Movie, The Book

The last tiny-house video that came down the pike was a hilarious spoof out of Portland, “a wicked combination of gentle affection and stinging satire” about the movement, as the NRDC’s Kaid Benfield called it. Now something a good deal… Read More
AMP rebate electric vehicles

Obama Jacks Up US Renewable Energy Commitment

There’s no national renewable portfolio standard for the whole of the United States of America, but the U.S. government has one, sort of, and President Obama is upping the ante on it. The White House on Thursday said the president… Read More
federal building under construction

5 Ways Going Green Is Great For Buildings

As the U.S. green building movement enters its third decade, the market has reached a tipping point. The 2013 global Energy Efficiency Indicator [PDF] research study of 3,000 facility management executives indicates that only 5 percent had certified a green… Read More
Energy Star buildings

More And More Buildings Are Energy Stars

When I hear Energy Star, I think new, super-quiet dishwasher (and, man, could I use one). But Energy Star is about more than energy-efficient appliances; it’s also a commercial building certification program, administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. What… Read More