Green Building

venco campus egg

Big Egg Laid, Green Building Honors Hatch

Egg-shaped, yes, but Vencomatic Group certainly didn’t lay an egg when the company built a new building for its poultry equipment business.  The Venco Campus is at the head of a new top-10 list of the most sustainable projects in… Read More
ecology of colour

Colorful Little Building Marries Nature, Community

Every park should have a “jolly custodian,” no? This is how architect Studio Weave described its intent for a dazzling and inviting new – and quite functional – little building that brings together nature and people in Central Park in… Read More
green schools

World’s Greenest Schools Span Spectrum

Ohio’s got green schools, lots of ’em. But that’s yesterday’s news, and, anyway, they’re not the greenest schools. No, the greenest schools – the greenest schools in the world in 2013 – happen to be a secondary school in Hong… Read More
leed schools ohio

US-Leading Ohio Hits LEED School 100

Ohio, long the leader in greening its schools, isn’t slowing down. The U.S. Green Building Council says the state has now hit the 100 mark in schools certified to at least the LEED Silver level, and it’s got a whole… Read More
west point net zero

West Point Eager To Power Toward Net Zero

Two and a half years ago, the Army began a process aimed at delivering it six net zero pilot installation, part of a wider U.S. military initiative to make its outposts and operations more energy secure. Now one of the… Read More