Green Building

car-tomized factory melbourne

A Car Factory That Does Without The Sprawl

You remember the living roof at Ford’s Rouge Center Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan. It’s a beauty and a remarkable achievement, covering the space of eight football fields – but its very expansiveness emphasizes a predictable aspect of automobile factories:… Read More
lewis integrative

A Stunning Green Lab At ‘University Of Nike’

There’s a noteworthy new building on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene and, what do you know, it’s not another citadel to big-time college athletics. With alum and Nike founder Phil Knight often footing the bill, Oregon in recent… Read More
bullitt center

Bullitt Center Rises To The Green Building Top

The Bullitt Center in Seattle isn’t shy about touting its sustainability, declaring itself “The Greenest Commercial Building in the World.” Seems World Architecture News wouldn’t disagree. WAN this month named the Bullitt Center its “Sustainable Building of the Year,” with… Read More
cool roofs

LA Cool Extends To Home Rooftops

Air conditioning can suck up massive amounts of energy on hot summer days in California, driving demand for power that despite the state’s renewable energy gains, often comes from fossil fuels. But Los Angeles hopes to take a little bite… Read More
K=25 demolition

Greening Oak Ridge: Addition By Subtraction

You can make the world a greener place with energy-efficient buildings made of earth-friendly materials – but you can also do it by making a dirty building disappear. In this case, a very big, dirty building. We’re talking here about… Read More
Whole Foods Brooklyn

Whole Foods Does Brooklyn In Ultra-Green Style

Whole Foods has come to Brooklyn in triumphant, sustainable style. Depending on how you view things, this represents either rebirth or doom for the Gowanus neighborhood (go ahead and click on the link, but you know how that gentrification debate… Read More