Green Building

mushroom tiny house

Tiny House Uses Mushrooms For Sustainable Insulation

Last spring, we explored the fascinating work of Ecovative Design, an upstate New York company that was expanding from using fungi as the basis for greener-than-plastics shipping materials into the building insulation realm. That’s right, insulation made from mushrooms. At… Read More
white roof

White Roofs Beat Green On Cost, Climate

If you run a business that’s all about the bottom line, and have a flat roof, you want it to be white. But here’s the real stunner: these white or “cool” roofs could even be the best choice for the… Read More
tallest vertical garden

Taking Vertical Gardens To New Heights

Patrick Blanc might have invented vertical gardens, as he claims, or perhaps he simply popularized an earlier concept, as editors at Wikipedia confidently attest. In any case, Blanc is the reason these “green walls” are popping up with increasing frequency,… Read More
green roofs

Absinthe Ingredient Makes The Roof Grow Greener

Green roofs are just the coolest thing. Literally – as one study noted, “the plants and growing medium of a green roof provide shade, thermal mass, and evaporative cooling that reduces temperatures on the roof surface and in the building… Read More

Obama Goal: Energy Efficiency For Millions Of Apartments

They’re calling President Obama’s approach to governance these days “small ball,” and they might be right – but there remains a lot an administration can do beyond grant Kennedyesque moonshot-style initiatives. Take the announcement today by the U.S. Environmental Protection… Read More