Editor’s Pick

Last Month Was the Hottest June of All Time

Just like the month that preceded it, June 2014 was the hottest of its kind in our planet’s history. According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), global land and ocean surface temperatures combined for an average… Read More

New App Tracks Your Carbon Footprint

San Francisco-based Oroeco may have discovered the best way to get people to curb climate change. The company’s web app of the same name tracks individual carbon footprints and links to Facebook. That means your large carbon output will be… Read More

10 Ways to Use Banana Peels

There are many fun facts about bananas. For example, this fruit, loaded with the muscle relaxing minerals potassium and magnesium, can aid with sleep. They also help soothe an upset stomach. For many people, bananas are a convenient, tasty, single-serving… Read More

Pope Francis Calls Destruction of Nature a Modern Sin

Pope Francis called for more respect for nature in an address at the University of Molise, an agricultural region in southern Italy. Francis said the destruction of South America’s rain forests and other forms of environmental exploitation is a sin… Read More

Carbon-Measuring NASA Satellite to Take Orbit This Week

A NASA satellite will take orbit Tuesday to help the agency better understand carbon’s role in our changing climate. With the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, scientists can record around 100,000 measurements of carbon dioxide measurements in detail each day around the… Read More