Editor’s Pick

14 Ocean Conservation Wins of 2014

Chances are you’ve come across some ocean news lately. And it may even have been positive! Yes, the ocean is still in serious trouble due to overfishing, pollution, climate change and habitat destruction, but there are more and more success… Read More

Saving Our Soils and Climate with Biochar

Dear EarthTalk: What is biochar and how can it help reduce my carbon footprint?  — William Jarvis, Bethlehem, PA Biochar is a naturally occurring, fine-grained, highly porous form of charcoal derived from the process of baking biomass—and it’s been associated… Read More

Getting Kids Into Environmental Activism

Dear EarthTalk: Do you have any tips for helping me get my kids involved in environmental protection advocacy? — Jeanine Black, Charlotte, NC There’s no time like the present to teach kids to respect their environment and be willing to… Read More