Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Bakersfield, CA

Finding the Best Bakersfield, CA Solar Panel Installers

Find the best Bakersfield, CA solar company for your needs from our directory of local solar panel installers below or save time and get free quotes from multiple Bakersfield, CA installers to find out how you can go solar today.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Bakersfield, CA?

Do you want to know how much solar panels may cost you to buy and install in Bakersfield, CA?
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View our list of Bakersfield, CA solar panel installers below or get quotes from multiple companies to find the best deal.

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Fuzion Home Services

4003 Terracotta Ct

Bakersfield, CA, California 93314
Next Phase Electric

4801 District Blvd

Bakersfield, CA, California 93313
Lift Energy

5010 Lisa Marie Ct

Bakersfield, CA, California 93313
MSI Solar

5630 District Blvd Suite 126

Bakersfield, CA, California 93313
Credence Energy

5880 District Blvd Suit 24

Bakersfield, CA, California 93313
Best Solar

13929 Eberle Rd

Bakersfield, CA, California 93313
All Seasons Solar

9721 Rosedale Hwy

Bakersfield, CA, California 93312
Streamline Electric Solar Construction

12420 Jomani Dr suite a

Bakersfield, CA, California 93312
Pavletich Electric & Communications

6308 7 Seas Ave

Bakersfield, CA, California 93308
SunPower By Sun Solar

8803 Scobee St

Bakersfield, CA, California 93311
Jeff Periera Home Energy

3724 Alken St

Bakersfield, CA, California 93308
Impact Energy & Solar

2304 Perseus Ct

Bakersfield, CA, California 93308
Divine Power USA

2500 E Belle Terrace Ave #100

Bakersfield, CA, California 93307
Bland Company

4303 E Brundage Ln

Bakersfield, CA, California 93307
BSW Roofing, Solar & Air

4 P St

Bakersfield, CA, California 93304
REC Solar

3903 Patton Way

Bakersfield, CA, California 93308
Powerhouse Systems Inc.

4900 California Ave

Bakersfield, CA, California 93309
Mccaa Electric

10010 Rosedale Hwy Suite 7

Bakersfield, CA, California 93312
Golden State Solar Power

2611 La France

Bakersfield, CA, California 93304

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment in 2021?

That is a great question! In a word, absolutely. In fact, with installation costs dropping over 60% since 2010, solar is a better investment than ever before!

And while the price of solar technology continues to drop, the price of utility electricity continues to go up. In the last 15 years, utility rates have increased an average of 2.9% each year.

That is actually the main crux of solar savings. You pay a one-time fee (ie your installation cost) to install solar and you are then able to avoid those utility price hikes - as well as the current high utility prices - for the next 25 years.

Obviously, some states have much higher utility rates than in other states, so solar savings will be greatest in those states, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad decision in other areas.

Generally speaking, savings follows utility costs, but on average the lifetime solar savings for many homeowners is between $12k and $32k. That is a lot of money saved!

How much can you save by installing solar panels on your home? It is easy to find out. Simply get a free quote and see how much you can save by going solar today!