Author: Susan DeFreitas

Michael Jantzen Transformation House

This Solar Concept House Really Gets Around

We’ve seen some buildings that respond to their environment with, say, thermochromic glass that tints in response to the heat of the sun, or water-filled ceramic walls that sweat when temperatures rise, aiding in passive cooling. But this is the… Read More
Tulsa Habitat for Humanity Greenblitz home

This Green Tulsa Home Is 100% U.S.-Made

In Tulsa, Okla., Tulsa Habitat for Humanity joined forces with Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa on an inspiring project: the first-ever green-certified Habitat home using exclusively American-made products. The home will be certified to the National Green Building Standard… Read More
Georgia farmhouse retrofit

A (Discreet) Green Retrofit For A 1870 Farmhouse

Lamartine G. Hardman may have been an entrepreneur, farmer, physician, and, from 1927 and 1931, the governor of Georgia, but he wasn’t exactly the type to keep up with changing times. The centerpiece of the former governor’s former farm, a1870… Read More