Author: Susan DeFreitas


A Green Center For Green Studies In Ningbo

We’ve covered some of the innovations in green tech stemming from the University of Nottingham in recent years, particularly in the realm of wind power. (The university has made strides in recent years to to improve the financial margins on… Read More
River Road home

In Oregon, Living Large in 800 Square Feet

Is it possible to live large in 800 square feet? One couple’s not-so-big timber framed home in the River Road area of north Eugene, Ore., suggests that the answer is yes. Designed by architect Nils Pearlson and built by Six… Read More
Chengdu Tianfu Great City

A Great Green City To Arise In China

China has long been considered an enigma in the West. You could say this enigmatic profile has extended, in recent years, to the country’s stance with regard to the environment. On the one hand, the legendary pollution of cities like… Read More