Author: Susan DeFreitas


Earthships Invade Canada

With the reelection of Barack Obama, Canadians won’t have to fend off an invasion of disgruntled American liberals any time soon. But the Earthship invasion of our neighbor to the north, it seems, is already in full swing. This deep-green,… Read More
Guthrie Green, Tulsa

Guthrie Green Gives Tulsa Something To Sing About

Tulsa’s Brady Arts District was once known for the race riots that broke out there in 1921. The neighborhood has been the target of a multi-million dollar redevelopment effort in recent years, and now has a new green gathering space… Read More

3D-Printed Home Of The Future Resembles A Cave Dwelling

Sure, 3D printing tech can be used to fabricate familiar everyday objects, and even whole rooms. But why use an infinitely flexible and creative medium to reproduce existing architectural forms? That’s the thinking behind a London design studio named Softkill‘s… Read More