Author: Susan DeFreitas

The Eddy

In Ottawa, A Condo For People, Not Cars

The ground-floor garage is a staple of the modern condo. Unfortunately, all that space dedicated to housing automobiles also takes up a lot of space, which impacts the energy efficiency of the building as a whole. The Eddy — a… Read More
Wire aerial tram, Austin

Mass Transit Via Aerial Tram For Austin?

Close your eyes and think back to when you were a kid. How did you imagine the City of the Future? Were there jet-packs and freeze-dried food? A bubble protecting a thriving Martian metropolis? But more to the point here… Read More
"Bloom" by Doris Kim Sung

Smart Art Today For Smart Building Ventilation Tomorrow

We’ve seen window glass that responds intelligently to heat, darkening in direct sunlight. And we’ve seen computer-controlled sunshades based on traditional Arabic architecture that slide open or shut as needed. But this is the first actual building material we’ve seen… Read More

A Chinese Cultural Center With Nature At Its Heart

Here in EarthTechling’s Green Building department, we’re fans of designs that make a conscious effort to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space. That includes modern strategies like living walls (whether employed inside or outside the building) and old… Read More