Author: Susan DeFreitas

Konarka Announces Solar Curtain Wall Pilot Project

Solar electricity-generating windows and walls may seem space-age, but a pilot project partnership between Konarka Technologies, Inc. and Arch Aluminum & Glass Company may be leading the way towards making this application a reality in the near future. Konarka Technologies,… Read More

NEC Unveils Eco-Friendly LCD175M Desktop Monitor

Part of the growing trend towards more eco-friendly desktop monitors, NEC Display Solutions has announced an eco-friendly addition to their MultiSync series.  According to NEC, the energy-efficient 17-inch LCD175M monitor, intended for use in business and educational environments, uses 42%… Read More

ClearLite Launches “A Safer CFL”

The energy-efficiency and long life of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) have made them increasingly popular in recent years. But CFLs have one component that’s not as popular: mercury, which can be released from CFLs when they break. A new product… Read More