Author: Steve Duda


E-Bike Market Could Be Ready To Pop

Electric bicycles are ready for their closeup. As a couple of major manufacturers get closer to the launch of their electric bicycles, get ready for more hype, more marketing and more competition in what looks to be a growing market.… Read More

Electric-Bus First: A Fleet For Canadian City

The city of Windsor, Ontario, which sits directly across the Detroit River from Motown, recently announced that it’s signed a letter of intent with China-based electric vehicle manufacturer BYD to supply the city with an electric bus fleet. In a… Read More

Electric Drag Bike Breaks 200 MPH Barrier

Electric motorcycle drag racing — and perhaps the entire electric vehicle industry — took a major step forward this month when rider Larry “Spiderman” McBride pulled off a world record drag race time and became the first electric vehicle to… Read More

Can’t Drive 55? Say Hello To The Evelio K1

Who’s ready for a brand new, super expensive electric supercar? After all, Tesla no longer manufactures the Roadster and the Fisker Karma, to be fair, is more of a luxury sedan than a genuine high torque, high horsepower asphalt eating… Read More

German EV Makers Go For Cheaper, Lighter, Safer

According to a consortium of European automotive industry engineers, government officials and academics, the current crop of electric vehicles (EVs) now on the market could be better — a lot better. This generation of electric cars, they say, are either… Read More

Food Truck Fad Takes An All-Electric Turn

A century and a half before becoming one of the hottest foodie trends of the past decade, they were called chuck wagons. The chuck wagon begot the canteen. The canteen begot the roach coach. They roach coach gave birth to… Read More

Steam-Car Speed Record Of 148 MPH On The Line

Back in the very early days of automobiling, steam cars outnumbered other forms of propulsion such as gasoline or electricity. In the U.S. in 1902 for example, 485 of 909 new car registrations were steamers and models such as the… Read More