Author: Ryan Austin

best solar companies in florida

Best Solar Companies in Florida

Here’s how to Find the Best Solar Installation Companies in Florida Florida homeowners have over 300 solar installers in the state to choose from and that can make finding the best solar companies in Florida somewhat difficult. With a nickname… Read More
best solar companies in texas

Best Solar Companies in Texas

How to Find the Best Solar Installation Companies in Texas With 300 solar installers, finding the best solar companies in Texas is kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. But we’ve got you covered. Texas probably isn’t the… Read More
tesla now renting solar panels

Tesla now renting solar panels to homeowners

Tesla has announced it will begin renting solar panels to homeowners through a subscription service. The smallest installation will cost just $50 and Tesla estimates most  homes can save between $20 and $650, depending on the state. The new offering… Read More
best solar companies in california

Best Solar Companies in California

When it comes to solar, California is king. The state boasts an incredible 1,322 solar installers – far more than any other state – so you’ve got huge options, but that can make finding the best solar companies in California… Read More
best solar companies in arizona

Best Solar Installation Companies in Arizona

How To Find The Best Solar Companies In Arizona With about 200 solar installers working in the state, finding the best solar companies in Arizona can be tough. The Grand Canyon state enjoys almost 300 days of sun a year.… Read More
solar spot lights

Best Solar Spot Lights

To help you find the best solar spot lights, we’ve done the grunt work for you, looking at the dozens of lights available and picking our top five favorites. When narrowing down our picks, we focused on three key elements… Read More
sunpower solar panels

Sunpower Solar Panels Review

Sunpower is one of the oldest American solar companies out there. Its solar panels have powered NASA aircraft and racecars and the company’s solar panels have produced over 18 million MWh of electricity. Today, Sunpower is majority owned by French… Read More
solar water fountain

Best Solar Water Fountain

Solar water fountains are a perfect accent to your garden or pond. They are inexpensive and remarkably easy to use – just unbox it and place it in the water! No need to find outdoor outlets and run cords to… Read More
illinois hikes EV registration

Illinois hikes registration fee for EV owners

If you drive an electric vehicle in Illinois, you’re going to get a little shock when it comes time for your annual vehicle registration. Last weekend, the Illinois National Assembly approved raising annual vehicle registration fees for electric vehicles (EVs)… Read More
solar power banks

Best Solar Power Bank of 2020

Solar power banks are small and portable battery packs connected to a solar panel, all wrapped in a durable, compact shell. Most are big enough to charge your smartphone two or three times – perfect for a weekend getaway to… Read More
solar costs over time

Solar Energy Costs Trends Over Time

Solar installation costs continue to come down. Since 2010, the cost of installing solar has dropped an incredible 65%. While buying a solar installation might’ve been only for the well-to-do just a decade ago, with today’s low prices (and great… Read More
best led lights

Best LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are the biggest change in lighting since Thomas Edison invented the first commercially-viable incandescent. The best LED light bulbs are 90% more efficient than even the modern versions of Edison’s invention and can last for thousands of… Read More