Author: Rocky Mountain Institute

smart parking

With Smart Parking Comes Smarter Transportation

In 2007, city drivers in a pint-sized 15-block district in Los Angeles drove more than 950,000 miles, emitted 730 metric tons of carbon dioxide, and burned 47,000 gallons of gas … searching for parking. There’s a good bit of irony… Read More
Tesla Model S

Range Anxiety Overlooks Electric Car Sweet Spot

There’s a famous clip from the sitcom Seinfeld, where Kramer takes a car out for a test drive and—with a nervous but eventually supportive salesman in the passenger seat—sees just how far he can drive with the needle dipping well… Read More
2013 Nissan Leaf

What Does A Sub-$20k EV Mean For The Industry?

In mid-January, just prior to the famed Detroit auto show, Nissan announced a more than $6,000 price drop for the base model of its all-electric LEAF. Compared to 2012’s base model price of $35,200, the 2013 Leaf S sticker price… Read More