Author: Rocky Mountain Institute

Clean Energy Technologies Assist Women In Developing Nations

Globally, 1.3 billion people—largely rural populations in developing countries—lack access to electricity. Many of these people have little chance of seeing the electric grid reach their community. This energy poverty, a serious hindrance to economic and social development, is not… Read More

9 Ways To Ease That Dreaded EV Range Anxiety

In the early days of the automobile, travel required careful planning. There were no convenient places to fill up your car—gasoline had to be obtained at “bulk depots” located outside of the cities. In 1905 the first gas station was… Read More

Is a High Renewables Future Really Possible? (Part 1)

In recent weeks and months, there’s been much to celebrate about renewable energy and the electricity system—wind and solar in particular are continually breaking records for installed capacity and actual generation. But amidst the celebratory fanfare there’s also been an… Read More