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How One Island Nation Went 100 Percent Solar

Some of the most vulnerable places in the world to live in the face of climate change are islands. Rising sea levels, contaminated ground water, and increasing severity of storms are just some of the many threats to island communities.… Read More

A Personal Lesson In Green Building Dilemmas

I had long dreamed of building my own home. I wanted it to be beautiful, comfortable, healthy, and as environmentally friendly as possible. When my husband and I were finally fortunate enough to purchase a piece of land, I was… Read More
The Village Green, Rome, Georgia

Energy Efficiency Can Help Affordable Housing

U.S. public housing uses almost 40 percent more energy per square foot than privately owned housing. Moreover, as a nation, we spend a total of ten times more on utility bills for affordable housing than we do on total government… Read More
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Telling The Truth About Germany’s Clean Energy Rush

I recently wrote about—and debunked—the renewables “disinformation campaign” that spreads misinformed and falsely negative stories about the growth of renewable energy. A special focus of such disinformation has been reportage on Germany’s efficiency-and-renewables revolution. The impressive success so far of… Read More

How A Tiny Island Leads Clean Energy By Example

Halfway between the island state of Tasmania and mainland Australia, in the heart of the Bass Strait, is rugged, windswept King Island. With a population of just under 2,000 and an area of just over 400 square miles, tiny King… Read More