Author: Paul Willis


Schools Win Awards For Energy Efficiency

School kids have been learning how doing something as simple as turning off vending machines at night and opening blinds to let in more sunlight in the day can save energy, and reduce levels of harmful CO2 emissions. The students… Read More

Connecticut’s $10M Package To Boost Residential Solar

Connecticut is providing $10 million in incentives to support new residential solar PV systems. The funding is coming via the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA), a quasi-public agency set up by the state’s general assembly. CEFIA is offering… Read More

Wind Power’s CO2-Cutting Impact Disputed

Inconsistency of supply is one of the biggest drawbacks of renewables such as wind and solar. Put simply: the wind doesn’t blow all day, and the sun doesn’t shine at night. Now scientists are saying that the sporadic supply of… Read More
Rooftop Solar

Iowa Boosts Solar, Other Clean Energy Incentives

Iowa has passed a law which will mean residents and businesses in the state can apply for tax credits for solar power. Under the landmark legislation signed into law by Gov.  Terry Branstad (R) solar electric, solar hot water and… Read More
Toyota Prius

Toyota Hybrids Pass 4 Million In Global Sales

If anyone doubted whether hybrid cars are here to stay or not, then look no further than Toyota’s latest global sales figures. According to the car maker, hybrids this year accounted for 15 percent of their global vehicle sales. That’s… Read More