Author: Paul Willis


Breaker 1-9, We Got Ourselves A Road Train

An interesting new ploy to improve the road safety of long haul trucks and lessen their environmental impact was trialed recently in Spain. The trial involved a convoy of vehicles which were interconnected via a wireless system which allowed the… Read More

Ford Claims Energy Use Trimmed By 22 Percent

Ford claims it has managed to create major energy reductions in its manufacturing process, meaning 22 per cent less power is needed to make each vehicle. These are the findings of the company’s own in-house Sustainability Report, which said the… Read More

Electric Makeover In Store For TAC Stark SUV

Brazilian jeep maker TAC Motors has signed an agreement with electric-motorcycle company MotoCzysz to create an electric version of a popular SUV. The electric conversion of the Stark, described by TAC as a “jeep-style sport-ute,” will utilize MotoCzysz’s electric powertrain… Read More
PVI bus

French Commercial EV Maker Keeps It Rolling

Electric Vehicle (EV) battery maker Valence Technology has just announced it has signed an extended supply agreement with the French firm PVI. PVI, a manufacturer of industrial EVs, updated the supply agreement that was originally begun in 2008. Since the… Read More