Author: Paul Willis


Manitoba, Mitsubishi Hop On An E-Bus Together

Electric vehicle technology is now ubiquitous across pretty much all forms of transport. The latest mode of travel to get the all-electric treatment is this bus, adapted from a 40-foot heavy-duty transit coach by the Canadian company New Flyer Industries.… Read More

Honda Recycles Rare Earths From Old Batteries

Honda announced that it has begun reusing the rare earth metals extracted from its old car batteries in an effort to recycle and keep down costs. The carmaker said it had begun extracting the metals from the spent nickel-metal hydride… Read More

Is Big Oil Really Serious About Renewables?

On Chevron’s website there is a green mission statement. Alongside a video featuring some earnest-looking members of the public and Chevron employees talking about the importance of renewables, the statement says this: “It’s time oil companies get behind the development… Read More