Author: Paul Willis

Pelamis P2 Wave Energy Converter

Wave Power ‘Sea Snake’ Inventor Honored

The inventor of an iconic wave energy device has been honored for his contribution to the marine renewables sector. Richard Yemm, pictured below at right, is the founder of Pelamis Wave Power. His company makes giant wave machines that sit… Read More
Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft

Biofuel Powered Aircraft Set To Come To Canada

Canada’s Porter Airlines will become the first carrier in the country to conduct a biofuel-powered flight this month. Porter, who already undertook a test flight in February this year, plans to make the commercial flight in mid-April to coincide with … Read More
Professor Radenka Maric

Cheap Hydrogen Cars In A Decade, Researchers Say

A new process for producing fuel cells could help bring the cost of hydrogen cars down significantly within 10 years, researchers claim. Staff from the University of Connecticut developed the process, which involves spraying atom-sized particles of a catalyst onto… Read More