Author: Paul Willis


Big Green Hybrid Truck A Speed Demon

A hybrid truck will attempt to beat its own land speed record in Utah later this month. Mean Green, the Volvo-built hybrid, will try to reach speeds in excess of 165 mph (260 km/h) when it takes to the runway… Read More

Replica Solar Training Trough For Desert College

A California community college program set up to train students to work in the solar power sector has unveiled a 120-foot-long solar trough at its desert training center. The equipment will be used to teach students how to  assemble and… Read More

US Biofuel Cropland Mapped For Lower Impact

Scientists from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) are helping in the quest to bring biofuels to U.S. soil. The scientists have come up with a new method for mapping grasslands that they say will make it easier to identify… Read More
Denver Zoo Tuk Tuk

Zoo Poo Powers Tuk Tuk In Denver

If you thought getting stunk out by car fumes at rush hour was bad enough, be thankful you never got stuck behind the Denver Zoo’s latest set of wheels. The motorized rickshaw is powered by elephant poop and human trash.… Read More