Author: Nicholas Brown

plug-in hybrid trucks, Odyne Systems

Big DOE-Backed Plug-in Hybrid Work Trucks Roll

Odyne Systems is the company that turned up on EarthTechling the other day in a piece about turning massive Ford F-750s into plug-in hybrids. If you read the story, you might have wondered: Who buys this sort of truck? Well,… Read More
VIA Motors and Verizon to Develop Electric Vehicles

Via Answers Verizon’s Call For Electric Trucks

Verizon is jumping on the Via Motors bandwagon. Mind you, the maker of burly electric extended-range electric vehicles (EREVs) for heavy-duty work has a modest-sized bandwagon, consisting of Pacific Gas & Electric. The California power utility partnered with Via way… Read More

Solar Power Makes Fuel Cell Vehicles Truly Green

In Hempstead, N.Y., the city not long ago began creating truly clean hydrogen fuel for their fuel cell vehicles by hooking a 100-kilowatt wind turbine into the system. But wind is just one renewable way to skin the hydrogen cat:… Read More
SSE Scotland renewable energy oyster

Scotland’s Clean Energy Ambitions Go On Display

The U.K. power company SSE is giving the public a place to engage the range of technologies that are part of Scotland’s headlong dive into clean power. SSE recently opened the “Power of Now” exhibition at the Scottish Centre for… Read More
Evolve Xenon electric motorcycle

Tron-Inspired Electric Motorcycle Up For Bid

Evolve Motorcycles has donated one of its Xenon electric motorcycles to charitybuzz for auction, turning the spotlight back on the wildly futuristic vehicle that the company sums up with the punchy slogan, “It’s real. It lights up. And yes, it’s… Read More

Eco-Marathon Engineers Aim For Extreme Mileage

More than 1,000 high school and college students, working in teams, are designing and building cars for the sixth running of the Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Houston later this month, hoping to push vehicle fuel-efficiency to levels that put contemporary,… Read More
Ford Focus Electric, mpge

Ford Focus Electric Beats Leaf With 105 MPGE Combined

New data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is giving Ford the chance to tout its 2012 Focus Electric as the most fuel-efficient five-passenger car in America. The claim is based on the vehicle’s fuel-economy ratings of 110 mpge … Read More