Author: Pete Danko

Border Crossing Aims For Net-Zero Energy

Every day more than 100,000 people cross the U.S.-Mexico border at San Ysidro, outside San Diego, making it the busiest land port in the world. Now, a redevelopment project is aiming to turn it into the greenest crossing, targeting net-zero… Read More

Is Geothermal The Easy Energy Answer?

The threat of earthquakes and volcanoes can make the Pacific Ring of Fire a perilous place. But the bubbling and gurgling under the earth’s crust in that zone has its potential advantages as well, according to author Lester R. Brown.… Read More

Save the Planet (With Sony Gear)?

[Editor’s Note: Is this perhaps a case of greenwashing? Some are calling it out as such. To get some background on this, read The Good Human, followed by actual interactions around this between a blogger and a PR rep. for… Read More

Beazer Brings Green Homes To Indiana

There aren’t a lot of new homes being built in the United States these days, but those that are rising from the recession’s ashes have a better chance than ever of being energy efficient. Case in point: Beazer Homes, among… Read More
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New Insulation Hope For Older Homes

For nearly a decade most home building codes have required insulated foundations, where hefty energy loss can occur. The problem is, most houses were constructed before the new regs went into effect. To bring older homes up to snuff, building… Read More