Author: Midwest Energy News

Takeaways From A Failed Wind Power Farm

The developers of an embattled wind project in southeastern Minnesota finally pulled the plug [last] week, telling the state on Tuesday they would no longer be pursuing the controversial project. The 78-megawatt, $179 million project was initially proposed in 2009… Read More
Ohio wind turbine

Ohio Renewable Energy Law Cuts Costs, Emissions

Five years after Ohio’s renewable energy standard took effect – and a few months before it will be challenged again in the state legislature – an economist with the state’s utility regulator tried to assess how the law was working… Read More

Building The More Energy Efficient Suburb

The walls of Rick Harrison’s office in suburban Minneapolis are filled with colorful plans for subdivisions and town squares located in towns as close as River Falls, Wisconsin, and as far away as Saudi Arabia. The plans take into account… Read More

Farmers Harvest Wind Energy In Nebraska

A group of Nebraska farmers are attempting to put a new face on renewable power in their state. If they succeed in persuading a utility to buy their power, they will be the first local owner-producers in Nebraska to generate… Read More
Transmission line

Minnesota Turns To Efficiency As An Energy Source

When it comes to energy efficiency, a kilowatt-hour saved is more than a penny earned. Spending money on energy conservation has been a better investment for most utility ratepayers than building new power plants and transmission lines. In Minnesota, utility… Read More

Community Solar Gardens Set To Sprout In Minnesota

Scott Cramer has sold offbeat, left-leaning T-shirts, political buttons and bumper stickers through his Northern Sun Merchandising company in Minneapolis for more than 30 years. These days, one of his more popular slogans has an energy theme. “It says: Whenever… Read More