Author: Jeanne Roberts

Poseidon yacht

Poseidon Concept Yacht Fits 9 (4 If They’re Rich)

A concept yacht posted on the Behance network aims at creating interior and exterior shelter areas that “suggest the possibility of relaxation.” Given today’s frantic pace for all ages from grade school well past retirement (what retirement?), the suggestion is… Read More
ikea sunnan table lamp

Ikea Solar Table Lamp: Minimal, Colorful, Cheap

The Ikea solar-powered lamp, called the Sunnan, is small enough to fit comfortably in today’s downsized apartments and attractive enough to put wherever you need light. And, if you put in a sunny window where its solar panel can soak… Read More
parasite, solar street lighting

Wait, Don’t Throw Out That Street Light Pole!

“Embergy”? It’s a newfangled term, not found in any dictionary, that mashes together “embodied” and “energy,” and apparently is synonymous with life cycle energy. We mention it because the maker of Parasite, a gallium arsenide-based (GaAs) high-efficiency, triple junction photovoltaic… Read More
Passivhaus Vogel

Green Mind, Concrete Head, Wooden Hat

An ingenious little green home design by Diethelm & Spillmann Architects out of Zurich called the Passivhaus Vogel sits on the side of a hill 3,600 feet above sea level in scenic Mostelberg, Switzerland. Built in 2010, the view is… Read More
Solarific backpack solar panel

Turn Your Backpack Into A Solar Charger

It sucks to be out and about with a dead cell phone or MP3 player. That’s where Solarrific, a backpack solar panel, comes in. Not only will it charge all your portable electronics and personal communication devices, the makers say… Read More