Author: Inside Science

Using Green Roofs To Help Mitigate Runoff

A good rainfall is vital for plants, trees and grass. But rain falling on roofs, concrete and roads poses a problem for the environment. This is because the runoff can carry pollutants directly into lakes, streams and rivers. One solution… Read More
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New Solar Energy May Require Newer Power Grid

One hour’s worth of global sunlight would be enough to power the world’s energy requirements for an entire year. But even if humankind can someday harness solar power to meet global energy needs, there is another problem engineers will have… Read More

Powering The Lights At Home Via A Soccer Ball

In June, as national soccer teams from around the world resume playing qualification games for the 2014 World Cup, a group of 20-somethings will kick off a soccer-related project with a global purpose that goes beyond athletic competition. They will… Read More