Author: David Craddock


What Is LEED? The Guide To Your LEED Questions

A surfeit of green and renewable energy devices such as solar panels, wind turbines, and smart meters enable building owners to increase efficiency and cut energy costs, but such technologies are only, in essence, appendages for buildings. If you’re looking… Read More
viewsonic led

ViewSonic Showcases New 22-Inch Green LED Display

ViewSonic is one of many consumer display companies trying to develop more green displays that target areas like energy efficiency and less use of harmful chemicals. One of its latest to fall into this category is the VX2250wm-LED, which prices… Read More
wind turbine

When the Wind Stops, Tennessee Buys It

There’s a breeze stirring in the Tennessee Valley.   Earlier this month, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) began transmitting 300 megawatts (MW) of wind power courtesy of Iberdrola Renewables Inc.’s wind park located in Livingston County, Illinois. Inconsistent and low-speed winds (two… Read More

Electric Vehicles Merge Intro Maryland’s Fastlane

Do you or someone you know still have reservations about electric vehicles (EVs)? If you live in Maryland, the benefits of an driving an electric vehicle were sweetened yesterday. Beginning this October, plug-in EVs will be granted access to high… Read More
tesla vehicle

Tesla and Toyota Tag Team On Electric Vehicles

Separately, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Tesla Motors have accomplished many feats in the automotive industry. Just imagine what they could accomplish by working together. Actually, you won’t have to imagine: A recently announced partnership between Toyota and Tesla will… Read More
pharox 500

Lemnis LED Lightbulb First to Market

With all the new LED bulbs from various makers due out later this year, Lemnis Lighting knew that their Pharox60 bulb just wouldn’t do for another year of competition with entities such as Sylvania and Philips. As an update of… Read More