Author: David Craddock


What Is LEED? The Guide To Your LEED Questions

A surfeit of green and renewable energy devices such as solar panels, wind turbines, and smart meters enable building owners to increase efficiency and cut energy costs, but such technologies are only, in essence, appendages for buildings. If you’re looking… Read More

Electric Vehicles Merge Intro Maryland’s Fastlane

Do you or someone you know still have reservations about electric vehicles (EVs)? If you live in Maryland, the benefits of an driving an electric vehicle were sweetened yesterday. Beginning this October, plug-in EVs will be granted access to high… Read More
algae airship

Futuristic Biofuel Airship Gobbles Algae For Power

Up, up, and algae… er, away! In the case of an algae-powered airship designed by architect Vincent Callebaut, either cheer could be considered true. On first glance, the airship seems to come from straight from a science fiction writer’s imagination. … Read More