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GE Fuel Cell Bus

Hydrogen Fuel Becomes More A Reality

French scientists have discovered a swift and easy way to make hydrogen, the raw material of a whole universe and a clean source of energy for fuel cell transport. The catch is that it may be a few decades before… Read More
wind turbine syndrome

Wind, Hydro Team In Energy Backup Scheme

Norwegian hydropower schemes linked to Europe’s large wind farm projects could successfully act as a backup when wind power fails to deliver enough energy, according to SINTEF, the largest independent Scandinavian research organization. With both on- and off-shore wind power… Read More
solarworld layoffs

A Possible Growing Concern For Clean Energy

Humankind could be about to exchange one kind of energy crisis for another. The switch from the finite store of fossil fuels to renewable sources could involve a huge additional demand for the world’s equally finite store of metals and… Read More

Norway Could Put Billions Into Clean Energy

Norway is sitting on a huge pot on money – and a new government now being formed in the country is considering investing some of that vast stock of wealth in renewable energy projects around the world. “If Norway actually… Read More

Are The Days Of Fossil Fuel Subsidies Numbered?

The multi-billion-dollar global fossil fuel industry might be getting just a little bit worried. In recent days, some of the biggest guns in the world of finance have all had the industry in their sights, calling for a cut back… Read More

Can Growth And Low Carbon Co-Exist?

It’s a question which goes to the heart of virtually any discussion about the future and the impact of climate change: how is it possible to maintain or increase energy supplies while at the same time cut back on CO2… Read More